Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The women Pharoah

Usually in Egypt it was a tradition for the Pharaoh to marry a royal women. I bet you didn't know that only the women of Egypt carried the royal blood in the family the men didn't. If a man wanted to be Pharaoh that man had to marry a women that had royal blood. Usually it was one of there sisters. Now in the modern days you can't marry blood related family but that's not how it was back then. Hatshepsut's husband died which left her to take the throne.

Hatshepsut's Father

I think it would be cool to be able to be a warrior then become a Pharaoh. That is exactly what Thutmosis I (the first) did. He was a middle-aged soldier by the time he be came the third pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty. Thutmosis was the ruler of Egypt in 1504 B.C. He became famous as the first of the great warrior Pharaoh's of the New Kingdom.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Life as a Princess

Could you imagine living in a palace? Hatshepsut lived in a palace all of her life. The royal toddler spent her time in airy rooms decorated with bright tiles, soft rugs, and carved wooden Pillars.Outdoors under the watchful eye of her nurse. It would be helpful to have a nurse by your side. Hatshepsut played in sheltered gardens, dabbling her fingers in ponds full of darting fish.

The spectacular birth

Hatsheput was born in a palace near the Nile river. This city is special because she was the first women Pharaoh of Egypt! I wish i was special like she was. she took throne because she had no brothers to take it. Her parents are Queen Amose and Pharaoh Tuthmosis.

The 18th Dynasty and Information on Hatshepsut

Have you ever ruled in a dynasty? I bet most of you haven't. I will tell you somebody who does though. Queen Hatsheput was born and ruled in the 18Th dynasty. The 18Th dynasty was also called the New Kingdom. She took the Kingdom into a new golden age. It takes a pretty good ruler to be able to take a golden age. Her exact date of birth is unknown at the time but she ruled for twenty two years! She ended up dieing around the ages of thirty-five to fifty-five. She died spring of 1482B.C. If she was still alive today she would look pretty nasty!